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immigration lawyer info 
22nd-Nov-2012 11:05 am
has anyone gone through an immigration lawyer? i have been together with my bf for ten yrs.he is in the uk and i am here in the US.We have talked a lot about the best route for us to take to get him here but he is having a very difficult time finding jobs here being in the UK he's applied for a lot but everyone seems to want a US citizen.We have discussed the marriage route and im all for it but he doesnt feel comfortable with me having to support him financially until he is able to work here and our families are very old school in that respect.I say to hell what our families say because its us making the decision but he doesnt want to go against their wishes as such.Can anyone help with getting an immigration lawyer and how do u know its legit? I think with someone to help who knows more and can put us in the right direction would help a ton.Im willing to spend the money to get him here because i dont want to lose my soulmate and its been ten yrs something has to happen! any info would help a ton i am desperate i just want us to be together already!
23rd-Nov-2012 08:17 am (UTC)
back in 96 we opted for an immigration lawyer and it was the best thing we could have done. we filed as soon as i got back from getting married in the uk, had all of our paperwork in order, and when he got here and we filed all of the rest, we did it right before the laws changed in 97, and those laws were the ones that made immigration so much harder. the big thing was that our lawyer ran us through all of the interviews, told us exactly what to have, how many copies, what photos, letters, all of it. when we had our interview in chicago we were told by the immigration guy "i've already deported 3 people today, try not to make it 4." our lawyer advised us that if at any time we felt uncomfortable to call her, but since she prepared us so well(we had all the letters we had written each other in the year we were apart- we had a rather quick dating to marriage time- a year, all plane tickets, phone bills, photos at family holidays, wedding photos, the whole nine yards) our interview lasted all of 5 minutes and he was granted everything right then. green card, he already had a temporary work visa, but the green card made that permanent, and knowing that the lawyer prepped us so well really helped. the interviewer did ask us if we used a lawyer and if so, who, and when he heard who he said he was glad that he did not have to deal with her and that it was obvious she thought we were for real or she would have been with us.

so if you can find one that has a great reputation, go for it, otherwise try it on your own. things have changed, but i can say that we would use a lawyer again if we went back to england.
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