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immigration lawyer info 
22nd-Nov-2012 11:05 am
has anyone gone through an immigration lawyer? i have been together with my bf for ten yrs.he is in the uk and i am here in the US.We have talked a lot about the best route for us to take to get him here but he is having a very difficult time finding jobs here being in the UK he's applied for a lot but everyone seems to want a US citizen.We have discussed the marriage route and im all for it but he doesnt feel comfortable with me having to support him financially until he is able to work here and our families are very old school in that respect.I say to hell what our families say because its us making the decision but he doesnt want to go against their wishes as such.Can anyone help with getting an immigration lawyer and how do u know its legit? I think with someone to help who knows more and can put us in the right direction would help a ton.Im willing to spend the money to get him here because i dont want to lose my soulmate and its been ten yrs something has to happen! any info would help a ton i am desperate i just want us to be together already!
25th-Nov-2012 05:11 pm (UTC)
Wow 10 years of being apart, I thought I had the longest LDR at 9 years!
My husband is the yank and I'm the Brit, I moved here to the USA to be with him on a marriage visa. We got married in Nov 09 and filed soon after but it wasn't until the end of May 2011 that I got my visa to join him. Me joining him in the US really was the easiest way for us to go.

We went through an immigration lawyer and while it was helpful he did mess up once which delayed our process by about a month. So my advice is yes get a lawyer, it really will smooth the whole process, just make sure you get a decent one, ie one that has previous experience of handling UK to US immigration.

It's true that you can file yourself but it is a NIGHTMARE of paperwork and details that are easy to miss, without some expert guidance. It's worth noting that those advising you to do the DIY route appear to have made the move quite some time ago. Things have changed since then, most notably waiting times have gotten much longer.

We were initially advised that it would take us no longer than a couple of months to get my visa, when in fact it took well over a year. This discrepancy has left us in a hell of a debt hole as we had already bought our house in the US thinking I'd move and we'd sell our respective houses fairly quickly. Instead we ended up having to fund 2 mortgages and 3 homes, for over a year (my house in the UK has only just sold after being on the market for almost 2 years). Also I had a surprise pregnancy at 43, along the way!

The other benefit of going the spousal visa rather than the fiancé visa route is that you get your green card automatically, meaning your other half can work as soon as his tootsies hit US soil.

For what it's worth we plan to do the second part of the filing, to have my conditional resident status adjusted to permanent without the lawyer, but only because it's far simpler than all the filing that came before.

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